Welcome to The Iowa Coalition of Clinical Researchers!

Following the release of the 2012 Research in Your Backyard report in Iowa, several research groups from throughout the state came together to raise awareness about clinical research and its importance in Iowa.

The mission of the Iowa Coalition of Clinical Researchers (ICCR) is to explain to patients, their health care providers, legislators, other policymakers and business leaders the health and economic value of having clinical trials in the state. Formed in 2013, the ICCR seeks to: educate Iowans about clinical research being conducted in their communities; provide materials to help patients decide whether to participate in clinical trials; bring more trials to Iowa; and educate the public about the benefits of clinical trials to the state’s economy and its patients.

According to a 2007 survey by CenterWatch, a company that publishes information on clinical trials, patient enrollment problems delay more than 70 percent of the tests of new medicines from one to six months. Fewer than five percent of cancer patients participate in clinical trials. The educational efforts of the ICCR help to create more awareness and understanding of trials of new drugs and that gives Iowa patients the opportunity to discuss becoming trial volunteers with their doctors.

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